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Sludge Buoy est. 2001



Please find and download the Sludge Buoy manual here.

Spare parts

Exploaded view of the Sludge Buoy™

When designing Sludge Buoy great care was taken to keep down the number of components. 

The moving parts have been cut down to an absolute minimum in order to have a maintenance free system. 

If however some spare parts or email contact is needed, please use the terminology to the right with the corresponding numbers.

Contact us.


(Part number & part name)

  1. End screw/Damper
  2. Slide sleeve
  3. Suction hose, standard 5 meters
  4. Hose clamp, model: Pari
  5. Fitting for suction hose
  6. Distance sleeve
  7. Washer, lower
  8. Receiving disc
  9. Flotation body
  10. Washer, upper
  11. Circlip
  12. Guide rod 2,0 m
  13. End screw/Damper
  14. Middle piece, Cardan
  15. Cardan upper/Fastening bracket