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Sludge Buoy has got a new home. After 12 years with the Sludge Buoy which I invented, I decided to assign the product Sludge Buoy to SKF Marine in Hamburg. I believe SKF Marine is a good partner in the marine business and is well experienced in similar product applications. I will be in the background for a longer period of time to support the SKF Marine in questions which could come up in this regard.

With kind regards

Fredrik Pettersson

CEO of Sludge Buoy AB



Sludge Buoy

benefits of the Sludge Buoy

The performance of the Sludge Buoy is so effective that the payback time is less than a year, yet the demand for maintenance is next to nonexistent. 

The device enables:

  1. Fast and easy instant separation of free oil and water. There is no need for traditional time-consuming draining and it is always active because of its layer floating ability.
  2. Cleaner water left in the tank that is easier to process in the bilge water separator.
  3. The water content in the oil pumped out with Sludge Buoy is very low and not water whipped. Therefore, it does not need to be further treated for incineration.
  4. Improved environmental performance and reduced maintenance of the bilge water separator. 

Can your vessel afford not to consider the Sludge Buoy? Order today.

...known as the Sludge Buoy System, the invention was a major reason the Explorer of the Seas received Royal Caribbean Cruises' Best Environmental Innovation of the Year Award in 2004.

- Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Sludge Buoy in a nutshell

The Sludge Buoy is a groundbreaking device that extracts free oil from the top of the tank. Sludge Buoy floats on the surface where the sludge exists and is therefore ideal to separate free oil from water.

The Sludge Buoy is easily installed by your own crew inside your existing sludge oil tanks or bilge water tanks and requires minimal maintenance.

Ultimately your oil water management will be refined.


Falling behind on separating free oil from the bilge water tank may be an expensive mistake you cannot afford.

Forget the concern by installing the Sludge Buoy and rejoice never ending separation of free oil from bilge water.